The Excellent Poster Award

The conference organizing committee has appointed a committee headed by a chairman to evaluate poster sessions and identify the excellent poster presentation. The Conference Chair and the evaluation committee decides which poster presentations will receive the Excellent Poster Presentation Award, based on the evaluation of the committee members.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. *Originality and Novelty*: The research presented on the poster should be of no plagiarism and introduce new insights, approaches, or findings to the field.

2. *Organization and Structure*: The poster should have a logical flow, guiding viewers through the research process, from problem statement to conclusion.

3. *Alignment with Conference Theme*: The poster should alignment with the conference's theme or focus.

4. *Clarity of Content*: The poster should avoid unnecessary jargon and excessive technical details, presenting the information in a way that's accessible to both experts and non-experts, effectively conveying the main research objectives, methods, results, and conclusions in a clear and concise manner.

5. *Relevance to Audience*: The poster's content should be relevant to the target audience, capture the viewer's attention, stimulate curiosity, and encourage them to engage in discussions with the presenter.

6. *Visual Design*: The poster's design should be visually appealing, with a balanced layout, appropriate fonts, colors, and graphics that enhance readability and engagement.

7. *Poster Presenter's Engagement*: The presenter's enthusiasm, knowledge, and engagement during discussions with attendees can contribute to the overall assessment.

8. *Communication Skills*: The presenter's ability to explain their research, answer questions, and engage in meaningful discussions with viewers can enhance the overall impact of the poster.

9. *Use of Supporting Material*: The poster should effectively use supporting materials such as references, acknowledgments, and additional resources to back up the research presented.

10. *Overall Impact*: The lasting impression that the poster leaves on the audience and the potential for its content to be remembered and referenced in the future.

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