The conference will select Best Paper Award, Best Student Paper Award, Excellent Presentation Award, Excellent Poster Award and Excellent Paper Award.

The Organizing Committee has the authority to establish additional awards or select multiple recipients for each award following panel discussions. 

· The Best Paper Award signifies the highest level of research excellence within the conference.

· The Best Student Paper Award acknowledges the most exceptional student paper at the conference.

· The Excellent Presentation Award acknowledges exceptional presentations at the conference.

· The Excellent Poster Award acknowledges exceptional poster presentations at the conference.

· The Excellent Paper Award acknowledges exceptional papers at the conference.


1. To ensure fairness and preventing multiple submissions from the same author, each paper can only apply for a single selection opportunity.

2. It is mandatory for the author to submit all papers applying for selection at the time of initial submission, streamlining the process and ensuring timely evaluation.

3. To maintain high standards, all submitted papers must undergo a thorough review process by the conference review team. Following this initial review, the committee will engage relevant experts for a second review to identify the potential candidate papers.

4. From the pool of candidate papers, the committee will select the top five papers based on their scores. The first author of each selected paper will be required to present their research at the conference. The eagerly awaited results will be announced during the closing ceremony, adding anticipation and excitement to the event.

6. The selection committee will consist of well-respected experts in the field of Information and Communication Engineering. Their primary responsibility is to organize and oversee the paper review process, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and competence.

7. In the event that less than two-thirds of the Selection Committee Members are present at the conference, the Chair of the Selection Committee is authorized to invite renowned experts attending the conference as additional members. This ensures that the committee retains its required strength and expertise, maintaining the integrity of the selection process.


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